Meet Team Clara Bella

Clara Bella Photography is a women-owned and operated team of enthusiastic, faith driven professional photographers. We specialize in natural, beautiful and timeless high school senior and family portraits in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.  We have been proudly serving the metroplex for over 8 years! Each of us carry the same heart and mission to ensure every client leaves their session feeling beautiful from the inside out. Our Team is built purely on passion and love for our craft and our clients, so with over 20 years of experience between us you can rest assured your portrait session will be one that you will always remember!

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(Left to Right)
Alisa Albers, TX Co-Owner & Family Portrait Photographer
Sarah Winsted, TX Photographer
Claire Anderson, Founder & Principal Photographer
Morgan Lenard, TX Lead Senior Photographer
Genesis 1:3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.


Claire Anderson, Owner/Founder & Principal Photographer – South Florida and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Claire Anderson is an internationally published and award-winning photographer, born and raised in Southlake, Texas and now currently residing in South Florida. Claire’s work has been published in Vogue & Marie Claire Magazine, and she was named one of the “Top 100 Senior Photographers in the US” by Senior Style Guide Magazine for 3 years in a row, one of the “Top 30 Senior Photographers” by Seniorologie‘s Peoples Choice Award, and one of the 25 Most Influential Teen Photographers by Modern Teen Style. Claire’s style of photography can be described as natural, soft, beautiful and “light infused”. She is currently available for High School Senior, Teen & Fashion Photography in South Florida and Dallas, TX. For more information about Claire, please visit

Hi. I’m Claire!  Thank you so much for stopping by.   After years of photographing everything from weddings to newborns, I found my calling and passion in photographing high school seniors which led to the creation of the Clara Bella Senior Experience. This experience became so sought after, that when I found out my husband’s job was relocating us, I knew I wanted to continue offering the experience that I loved so dearly in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. Now, years later, we are an equally talented, passionate and dedicated team of women dedicated to empowering our senior girls through our lens! With our headquarters in Grapevine, Texas, together we continue to offer our clients the same experience I have always provided, which is kindness, professionalism, and most importantly timeless portraits of your most BEAUTIFUL YOU! In the beginning of my journey I stumbled upon a quote that encapsulated my view on photography.. “There are many things in life that will capture your eye, but very few will capture your heart. These are the ones worth keeping.”
We absolutely love and value meeting and getting to know each of our clients, and we look forward to the possibility of meeting you!

Claire is available for Fashion, Teen and High School Senior Portrait  Photography in South Florida and Dallas, TX.
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Morgan Lenard, Lead Senior Photographer  – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Hi there! I’m Morgan, a natural light photographer who’s passion for photography runs deeper than See’s candy and Starbucks coffee! That has got to say something, right? I started my photography journey in my hometown of San Diego, CA and it has recently led me all the way to Dallas, TX! I would have never guessed that following my passion would take me halfway across the country, but I cannot express how happy and excited I am to be here.

From the moment I picked up my first DSLR, I had no doubt that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life (considering I figured it would probably take me that long to learn how to use it properly)! My first camera was a Nikon D40 and every morning I could not wait to get my hands on that puppy. I was eager to learn and develop my skills, so I ate, slept and breathed photography until I started being approached to take photos of families and newborns. It was then that I decided it was time to turn my intense love and passion for photography into a career. I can honestly say that for how long I have been a photographer, I have never ‘worked’ a day in my life. I live to provide those moments of pure joy, which a photo can so easily deliver, and I am exceptionally honored to join in on the most fun and exciting part of your senior year!

Photos speak volumes and tell stories in ways that words cannot; they are tangible memories that we can look back on to remind us of the moments that we live for, and I feel so incredibly humbled and blessed at every opportunity to be a part of those memories.

Morgan is available for High School Senior Portrait Photography in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
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Alisa Albers , TX Co-Owner & Family Photographer – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Hi! I’m Alisa. I have been behind a camera lens as long as I can remember. My mom gave me my first DSLR (a Pentax ME Super film camera) at the age of 13, and I fell in love with capturing life! After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Business Administration, I married my best friend, and we traveled the world as he served in the military. Settling in Maryland in the late 90’s, I started photographing our small children using natural light. Soon friends began to ask me to photograph their children. I realized this was my calling and began to study under several photographers and mentors to refine my craft. I launched my own natural light photography business in Southern Maryland and became one of the community’s most sought after portrait photographers. Focusing on families and high school seniors, I found my true passion in connecting my love of people with my love for fine photography. After 15 years of running a successful business in Southern Maryland, our family decided to move back to Texas.

Known as “Miss Sunshine” to some of my favorite little people, some people would describe me as joyful, fun-loving, compassionate and kind. I have seen the immense power that words have in my life and the lives of those close to me and consider it a mission to speak into the lives of those whom God puts in my path and especially young women. My love for people and belief in each person’s God-given value and inner beauty has inspired much of my work.   I LOVE using photography to tell a story and capture the beauty within! This love for people and photography was the impetus for two trips to Uganda in recent years to photograph 600 children at a village school to tell their story here in the United States. Every story is worth telling! It was a truly life changing experience, and I expect to go back in the near future!

At home, I am a wife of 24 years and mother to 4 beautiful children ranging from 7 to 19 years. They are my greatest joy. Life is an adventure with them by my side! Back in Texas now, I am thrilled to be a part of the Clara Bella Photography team!

Alisa is available for Family Portrait & High School Senior Portrait Photography in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
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Sarah Winsted , Photographer – Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Hello there, I’m Sarah! You might say, “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” My love for photography runs deep.

This love was sparked when I had the opportunity to travel on a photojournalism trip to New Zealand and Fiji. I found beauty everywhere; not only in the places we traveled but the people we met. Having the privilege of photographing and sharing their stories brought me great joy, and telling someone’s story in a fresh and beautiful way is what I adore most about photography. I’ve been working in this wonderful industry for almost five years developing my skills and learning all about natural light. I’ve been told I bring out the best in people, and I feel that shows in my work. Whether it be capturing the joy of celebrating the last year of high-school or even capturing the most important day of your life when you say “I do”, I’m excited for all of it!

Let’s be friends!

Sarah is available for Family Portrait & High School Senior Portrait Photography in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
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